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Dr Candice Silverman


Bariatric, Upper GI and General Surgeon

Combining a commitment to medical advancement with compassion for her patients, Dr Candice Silverman is a highly valued, integral member of the Core Specialist Group.

Providing a progressive level of expertise in general surgery, laparoscopic surgery and robotic surgery; Dr Silverman has a keen interest in the sub-areas of upper-gastrointestinal surgery, hepato-pancreatic biliary surgery, hernia surgery and bariatric surgery.

Identifying a previously flawed approach to general protocol surrounding weight loss surgery, in 2012, Dr Silverman designed and developed The Peak Program as an innovative model to treat obesity.

The revolutionary weight loss program focuses on integrating various clinical and allied health disciplines including surgery, psychology, nutrition and lifestyle to achieve long-lasting results.

Weight Loss Surgeon Gold Coast and Beyond

Dr Silverman is currently the only female robotic surgeon in Queensland and has over 2000 patients who can attest to her dedication to achieving exceptional surgical outcomes.

As a primary contributor of the Bariatric Surgery Registry in Australia, Dr Silverman is a passionate educator who dedicates her time to impart her experience and forward-thinking approach to help students and aspiring surgeons advance their skills.

Committed to offering an enhanced level of healthcare in both the public and private sectors, Dr Silverman ensures the benchmark in world-class standards of healthcare is continually raised into the future. Dr Silverman is an experienced weight loss surgeon on the Gold Coast. She primarily consults and treats from two contemporary yet comfortable locations in Queensland and northern New South Wales, John Flynn and St Vincents Hospital. 


  • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery with Honours – MBBS (Hons) - University of New South Wales (1998).
  • Certificate in Sports Medicine - University of New South Wales (2003).
  • Fepato-pancreato-biliary fellowship - Fremantle Hospital (2008).
  • Bariatric surgery fellowship - John Flynn Private Hospital (2009).

Professional Memberships


Dr Silverman is currently the creator of the Peak Weight Loss Program. Established in 2012, Peak was designed to challenge existing perceptions and practices in the treatment of obesity and shape the futures of those living with the condition. 

Understanding the importance of taking a holistic approach to obesity treatment; Dr Silverman has adopted an integrated set of principles that focus on treating the condition systematically and from the root cause.

The clinic provides a base for a team of allied health professionals who each focus on their specific discipline of psychology, nutrition and exercise to achieve a positive outcome in the lives of so many patients living with obesity.

Dr Silverman is also a central member of the Core Specialist Group based at The John Flynn Private Hospital on the Gold Coast.  From there, Dr Silverman works alongside a dynamic team of experienced clinical and allied health professionals to provide patients with an innovative multidiscipline treatment approach to healthcare to provide unsurpassed outcomes from surgery and specialist treatment.

Additional Professional Activities and Contributions

Actively advocating that every patient deserves the same standard of healthcare regardless of whether they're in the public or private sector, Dr Silverman improves standards of healthcare delivery across the board by training surgical registrars at the Tweed and Murwillumbah public hospitals in northern New South Wales.

While continually working to advance her own learning and education, she facilitates others to do the same and is a course instructor for the EMST program (Early Management of Severe Trauma) and an assistant professor at Bond University on the Gold Coast.


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To make an appointment with Dr Silverman, weight loss surgeon Gold Coast, please call the Core Specialist Group head office on 07 5598 0955.