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General Surgery Fact Sheets

Dr Silverman is leading the way in general surgery across Queensland.

As a specialist general and laparoscopic surgeon, her subspecialties include hernia surgery, upper-gastrointestinal surgery and hepato-pancreato-billiary surgery.

As the first female surgeon to perform robotic weight loss surgery, Dr Silverman focusses on minimally invasive (laparoscopic) general procedures. Her expertise combined with her forward-thinking approach have achieved successful surgical outcomes for over 2000 patients throughout Queensland.

Download the documents below to learn more about the general surgery options available with Dr Silverman.

Download Laparoscopic Incisional Hernia Repair – PDF 853 Kb

Download Liver Resection for Secondary Liver Cancer – PDF 1200 Kb

Download Oesopageal Cancer (Treament Options) – PDF 1000 Kb

Download Oesophageal or Stomach Cancer (Treatment Options) – PDF 861 Kb

Download Oesophagectomy – PDF 1100 Kb

Download Pancreatic Cancer (Treatment Options) – PDF 1000 Kb

Download Partial Gastrectomy – PDF 1400 Kb

Download Post Discharge Info - Oesophagectomy and Gastrectomy – PDF 579 Kb

Download Stomach Cancer (Treatment Options) – PDF 1300 Kb

Download Total Gastrectomy – PDF 1200 Kb

Download Upper GI Endoscopy – PDF 897 Kb

Download Whipple's Procedure – PDF 1200 Kb