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About Peak

Peak Specialist Surgical Weight Loss Program is designed to help you to achieve peak condition, physically and mentally.

Obesity is a chronic weight condition which stems from a myriad of psychological, behavioural and emotional factors.

It can take many years of unhealthy habits before someone is considered obese. Consequently, losing excess weight doesn't happen overnight either.

Battling obesity can be an ongoing challenge and can lead to serious health concerns if not addressed quickly and appropriately.

For those who have tried everything else to conquer obesity, the Peak Program is a specialist weight loss program developed by Dr Candice Silverman in consultation with a team of dedicated clinical and allied health professionals.

The Peak Program aims to help all participants achieve peak condition both physically and mentally to work towards a happy and healthy future.

The holistic program integrates the specialised disciplines of surgery, psychology and nutrition to manage obesity across a broad spectrum of areas that all complement each other to produce one long-term result.


Bariatric surgery comprises a range of procedure options.  Dr Silverman will explore and evaluate all possibilities and, with the patient's involvement, determine the most appropriate surgical solution considering their condition and lifestyle.

The benefits and risks associated with each procedure will be made clear before a decision is made.


Wendy Borislavsky, Lorraine Langsford and Jenne Turner are the Peak Program psychologists. They perform an initial assessment which forms part of Dr Silverman's surgery plan. This assessment also establishes whether a patient is an appropriate candidate for the program.

Once a patient is deemed suitable, they are then provided with psychological support to help prepare them for their involvement in the program which continues throughout surgery and into the future.

Understanding that bariatric surgery is a life-changing journey, the Peak Team of Psychologists will also equip the patient with strategic tools to recognise and overcome emotional and behavioural obstacles that may otherwise hinder their weight loss journey.


Great Ideas In Nutrition is the Peak dietician team.

Education surrounding nutrition is a critical element of the success of the program, not just during the treatment but once weight loss is achieved and immediate health concerns have been allayed.

Amanda and her team will provide invaluable support and education about food and nutrition to ensure that you firstly reach your goals and subsequently maintain them.

Amanda will provide guidance on meal plans, serving sizes and advise strategies to introduce healthy habits to ensure a smooth transition into your new eating patterns.

This won't just impact your weight; it will affect your overall long-term health and happiness.

The Peak Program isn't a one-off quick fix weight-loss solution; it's a fully supported long-term program that will lead patients to enjoy an active, happy and healthy life long into the future.