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Amanda Clark

BSc, PGrad Dip Nut & Diet, Adv APD

Practising Dietician

Accredited dietician

Amanda Clark is a Gold Coast-based accredited dietician and an integral member of Dr Silverman's Peak weight loss program.

As a dietician with over 20 years' dedicated experience, Amanda specialises in an essential discipline to help obesity patients achieve and maintain significant weight loss.

Amanda is passionate about educating patients on their physical capabilities post-surgery. By providing an understanding of how making small, consistently healthy choices contributes to overall results, healthy habits are formed based on an individual's lifestyle and capacity for change. 


Amanda is the highly regarded author of Portion Perfection. An educational resource designed to simplify and help patients understand a low GI portion-controlled eating plan.

Basing her book on 20 years of research in portion control, Amanda articulates the fundamental elements of a low GI diet and describes integration strategies into an everyday eating plan that puts healthy living at its core. 

As a further tool to supplement Portion Perfection, Amanda designed and brought to market the Portion Diet Plate. The popular product range provides simple tools to help patients achieve portion control; one of the most critical elements to positively achieve and maintain healthy weight loss.

Founder and owner

Great Ideas Nutrition Clinic on the Gold Coast provides patients with access to a broad range of guidance and resources that help obesity patients control external factors to reach their weight goals.

Delivered by an expert team comprising nutritionists, dieticians and exercise consultants, every member plays a pivotal role to cover all elements to achieve superior outcomes for patients. 

Established by Amanda in 1991, the clinic was designed to offer Australian's with simple solutions to often convoluted weight problems.


  • Macquarie University.
  • P. Grad Sip, Nutrition and Dietetics 1986-1987.
  • BSc, Biochemistry, Human Physiology 1983-1985.
  • PLC Sydney HSC Qualifications.
  • Bachelor of Science and Postgraduate Diploma in Nutrition & Dietetics, Advanced APD.