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Laura King

BHSc, (Nut & Diet) BAppSc (HMS) First Class Hons, APD AEP

Dietician and Exercise Physiologist

A balanced approach to nutrition considers infinitely more than the food a person eats.   

Forging a healthy relationship with food is the key to helping obesity patients reach and permanently sustain significant weight loss.

As a dual qualified dietician and exercise Physiologist, Laura King dedicates her career to helping participants of the Peak weight loss program establish new habits that lead to the peaceful and consistent relationship with food required to lead a healthy lifestyle.

As a central member of Dr Silverman's reputable multi-disciplinary team, Laura helps patients pre, during and post-bariatric surgery understand the merits of balance and moderation as far as health, exercise and nutrition are concerned. 

As a Gold Coast-based practitioner, Laura is passionate about improving standards of healthcare by providing access to premium dietary and nutritional advice and education in the local community.


  • Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition and Dietetics).
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement Studies) First Class Honours APD, AEP