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Linda Valmadre

BSc.Hon (Psychology)

Health Psychologist

Health Psychologist

Linda Valmadre is a Gold Coast-based health psychologist passionate about providing a superior level of emotional support to patients at every stage of the bariatric weight loss journey. 

Beginning with a pre-bariatric surgery evaluation, Linda identifies the patients' goals and motivation for surgery helping them recognise and pre-empt potential barriers that may hinder the success of the life-changing procedure.

With 12 years' committed experience, Linda works alongside Dr Silverman and a group of dedicated allied health professionals to deliver a multidimensional service that considers all aspects of a patient's healthcare including surgical, psychological and dietary.

Linda has completed over 250 pre-bariatric surgery evaluations and has equipped countless more patients with tools and strategies during and post-procedure to identify and meet the needs of their inner self.  Aligning psychological support with the true self of the patient helps the individual achieve and maintain a life that's healthy, happy and, perhaps most importantly; fulfilled.

Linda understands that every patient considering weight loss surgery has a multifaceted set of needs that must be met in full to ensure success. By focussing on the individual and implementing a tailor-made solution for every patient, Linda's bespoke health psychology delivery achieves premium long-term outcomes in helping patients accomplish what they often want the most; ‘to feel like me again…'


Linda is the founder of the Bariatric Psychology Services clinic based in Bilinga on the Gold Coast.

Her integrated suite of specialised services encompasses pre-bariatric surgery behavioural health assessments, pre-surgery preparation, post-surgery support, and psychological consultations relating to a range of complex behavioural conditions. 


  • Bachelor of Science Psychology Honours – USQ (2004).
  • Bachelor of Business HRM.
  • Diploma Sensorimotor Art Therapy.