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Can I choose my psychologist and dietician?

The clinical and allied health professionals that form part of the Peak Program share a joint commitment to helping patients overcome obesity. The team meets regularly to discuss patient progress and to devise strategies that will help them move forward and achieve the best outcomes.

Our allied health professionals are all members of ANNSMOZ (Australian and New Zealand Metabolic and Obesity Surgery Society), extensively review literature, and practise expertise in the management of the bariatric surgical patient.

Working together, the existing team has devised a cohesive patient-focussed system that has proven successful time and time again.

Dietary guidance from a range of professionals can be conflicting. Because pre and post education is essential to a patient's results, contradictory advice can cause confusion which may jeopardise the success of the program.

Dr Silverman is open to other allied health professionals joining the program at a patient's request, however they would need to meet her specifications, be willing to attend and participate in meetings, and tailor their advice specifically to the operations performed.

Ideally, the whole team including your surgeon, dietician, exercise physiologist and psychologist will be describing expectations and surgical procedures in a similar fashion to help you reach your goals in a unified way.

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